Each year, Newcomers works with one or more local charities or   organizations in need. We may make a monetary donation and/or   some of our members may volunteer their time at an organization.

 For the 2019-2020 year, our club will donate to the following   organizations:


​ This drop-in center for homeless and runaway youth is located in   downtown Grand Rapids. It provides a safe space to meet basic needs,   such as meals, clothing, laundry services and hygiene. Resources       include community connections to support case management,     counseling, housing and relationship needs. Education, employment   readiness training and accesss to healthcare are also a focus. To find   out more about this organization, please visit www.hqgr.org.


 This organization is focused on the rapid re-housing, rehabilitation     and development of former prisoners, homeless men, addicts and

 anyone starting over. Exodus Place creates a sense of community,

 restores dignity and helps to remove the obstacles that prevent men

​ from contributing to society. For more information, visit their 

​ website at www.exodusplace.org.                                                             

Community Outreach